About Us

We are an awarding winning creative company that produces content for the digital-savvy African.

Know Us

Nifty Works Plus Limited is an awarding winning creative company that produces content for the
digital-savvy African. We have recognized the increased demand for digital content in Africa and the
expanded usage of digital media across Africa.

With our high-quality expertise, we produce audio-visual content including animations, motion
graphics and videos. The content empowers organizations to build strong relationships with their
target market and gain insights. Further, this enables organizations to communicate effectively and
articulate their vision to their audience.

As a team, we offer:
– Customized digital strategy
– Excellent customer service
– Unique brand personas for specific markets
– Repertoire of African stories

The Founders

The dream of starting a business was planted in our hearts at a very young age and the zeal to continuously build an organization that empowers our team to nurture their talents and harness their potential, constantly grows within us. Our growth arises from our passion and desire to see African designs and content being at the forefront of global conversations and markets.

Muthoni Waigwa

Muthoni Waigwa

Content Creator and co-founder of Nifty Works Plus Ltd; adept audio-visual producer with more than 12 years’ experience. She possesses strong points in project initiation and plays an instrumental role in the practical and business management side of projects.

Nyatetu Kiragu

Nyatetu Kiragu

Design director and co-founder of Nifty Works Plus ltd. She is a professionally trained graphic designer with 15 years of working experience. Her passion for graphic design morphed into textile design in 2015 where she sought to modernize textile design to disrupt fashion norms.

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